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THE COURTROOM COMEDY- the justice served

Updated: Dec 28, 2022


The courtroom comedy is a comic play first performed in The Lovely professional university, Mittal school of business on 28 June 2022, by team VOICE OUT.

In the play, Sahil's face is destroyed after applying Mitra men BB cream, so he with his lawyer is here to sue Mitra for his distorted life and broken relationship with his new girlfriend.

So, is Ms. Mitra guilty, and if yes then how she will pay for heavy damage? Will successful lawyer Vsnshika will again defeat Mr. Ujjwal? will the lawyer and lover of Ms.Mitra able to impress Ms.Mitra by winning the case?

let's find out what justice is served in courtroom comedy.

a comical case story the courtroom comedy
comic story of courtroom



Outside the Chandigarh consumer court

Sahil’s face has red patches for which he has stolen her girlfriend’s foundation. He is on his way to the court with his advocate Ms. VANSHIKA; while he is on the way, he’s talking to his girlfriend on call.


Babe! Yes, I took your foundation. You always look like a ghost sorry! Sorry! I mean host. What? No… no… don’t… don’t… one more breakup

SAHIL kneels in grief.


I will get you justice. For every wound and scar on your heart.

they have to pay; now get up.

vanshika and SAHIL enter the court


the courtroom comedy play C,E,O, Saloni entry
actress and C.E.O. Saloni enters the courtroom

Inside the Chandigarh high court

There is an entry of C.E.O. SALONI wearing sunglasses on her head, a Gucci handbag on her shoulder, and an Armani jumpsuit; looking like a dashing diva with her cocky advocate UJJWAL she makes her dance with a lot of self-pride and attitude on her face.


How are you, Ms. vansika?

Speaking in a flirty manner


first of all, it’s VANSHIKA, not vansika, and secondly, I am always better than you! You Again came to lose.

Displaying attitude by flipping her hair


We will see that at the end, Ms. vansika?


It’s VANSHIKA, not vansika. There’s the difference of s and sh.

Folding her hand and dilating her eyes to show



Looking into her eyes, taking eyes off her, and smirking in front of the audience.


Is my touch-up alright, Mr. UJJWAL? It’s so difficult to fight a case with a pretty face.

Saloni flashes a smile at UJJWAL and moves her hand through her hair in a flirty manner.


Pretty face but the ugly heart

Sahil looks SALONI with disdain

dominating judge in the courtroom comedy commanding in courtroom
dominating judge MrInalini inside the courtroom

Judge Mrs. MRINALINI enters the courtroom marching like a lady boss and takes the seat, but none of the member of court is aware of her presence.

She marks he presence by shouting at the court in a most dominating manner.


Order! order! Maintain silence. It’s court not a fish market. Take your respective places.

both the advocate stand in front of the judge and Mr. Sahil and C.E.O. Saloni take respective seat opposite to the judge table.


Let the case 201 begin.

looking at the papers and then looking at the court with authority.


Actually, your honor…


One at time, one at time. I can barely get you.

MRINALINI shouts at lawyers


ladies first


Your honor! my client was looted by Ms. Mitra company. This lady is a cheater.

VANSKHIKA points at SALONI aggressively


She is cheater! She is a cheater! She has cheated me.


I haven’t, I am not dating you. By the way I am dating most handsome in this world.


Order! Order! maintain decorum of the court. No useless talk please!

Mrinalini looking at SALONI like she is a weirdo.


Your honor! I will like bring my client in witness box, so that he can put light at frauds going openly in the market.

Vanshika walks in formal fashion and glances Saloni from the corner of her eyes.


Permission granted.

SAHIL comes to the witness box.


SAHIL tell everyone what happen last week.

Vanshika looks toward Sahil and then move towards the judge.


last week, on Saturday night I applied Mitra Men BB Cream expecting that next morning I will look More graceful than my girlfriend, but on next morning when I went with my mobile in washroom, texting my girlfriend, she asked me to send a selfie and when I looked at face from the front camera there were red patches and black spots. I was looking like a horrible beast. Sadly, I sent same picture to my girlfriend and then.... and then....

sahil's tragedy in the courtroom comedy
victim sahil sobs after telling his tragedy

Sahil sobbing.


and one more breakup, one more breakup


Your honor! don’t judge a book by its cover; This person just wants sympathy of the court. Do you have any proof?

UJJwal moves towards sahil pointing finger at him.


I have a proof. look at the advertisement of his product. It promises glowing, gentle and radiant skin and look at my client, his face is too radiant to be shown in public.

Sahil hides his face

SALONI tries to steal glance from everyone


l object! Many energy drinks promise to make a lightning bolt see I am emitting electricity.

UJJWAl jerks his whole body acting as if he got an electric shock.


but none of them have side effect.


Still there’s no evidence.

Ujjwal Flips his hair in attitude.

ujjwal counter vanshika in the courtroom comedy
ujjwal counter vanshika in the courtroom comedy


I will like to interrogate Ms. Mitra. I want permission of the court, your honor!


Permission granted.

You may bring Ms. Mitra.

SALONI comes to witness box.


Ms. Mitra, do you have pharmaceutical license?


Yes, I have!


What degree you have?

Vanshika smirks at the audience


Fashion designing! Can’t you see my fashion sense.

Saloni display attitude by playing with her hair, and looking at her nails.


Point to be noted My lord, she is running a business, but don’t know one need pharmaceutical degree to run cosmetic company license,

Vanshika does money gesture by snapping fingers and faces the audience with an evil smile.


Objection my lord. Even healthcare businessmen don’t require an M.B.B.S degree, then why just my client, Ms. vansika?






Your honor! Now I will prove how big a scam is done by Ms. Mitra's company I will like to call Dr. Ankit on the witness box

Vanshika utters in a formal tone and tilts her eyes towards SALONI while finishing her line.


Permission granted by the court


Dr. Ankit is a well-known dermatologist who has done a study on Mitra Men BB cream. Dr. Ankit tell them about your research

Vanshika looks at the audience


As Advocate VANSHIKA has told I have researched Ms. Mitra's men's BB cream. I have found many harmful chemicals, which have destroyed the faces of many patients. This is a research report.


looking at the evidence I announce the court favors Mr. Sahil. The Court is with you and gives you the authority to charge 50 lakhs from Ms. Mitra's corporation.

SALONI comes towards Sahil.


because of you, I have lost the case.

Saloni moves out of the witness box in anger.


Sorry! Darling. Sorry... Sorry.


the court can’t recover my loss…my loss …my loss…my broken heart.


Sorry for the loss Mr. Sahil, but I can recover your loss. You are Amazing gentlemen let me be yours.

Saloni put her hand in the hand of SAHIL.


Ms. Mitra pays him the fine.

MRINALINI walks with her chin and authority


All fines are paid. No need for money.


How are you Ms. Vansika?

Ujjwal utters in a flirty fashion


It’s VANSHIKA loser!

A sad song Plays on…

note: I and my team were declared second runner-up in the acting competition


Saloni Mitra, student of master of art in English literature

Vanshika Kapur student of master of art in English literature

Sahil Katoch student of master of art in English literature

K. Mirnalini student of master of art in English literature

Ankit Kumar student of master of art in geography

Ujjwal Gupta Student of master of art in political science

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