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Just my view on tan women| Author Sahil Katoch

Just my view on tan women | Author Sahil Katoch

Just my view on tan women | Author Sahil Katoch
Just my view on tan women | Author Sahil Katoch

It was in college I met this woman, incredibly beautiful tan body, soft spoken and with spellcaster black eyes; this girl became my best friend, and girl again with the honey tan complexion, was sitting next to me, studying forensic science subject diligently; It seemed she has a bright future.

I always knew girl with tan skin were beautiful inside, they carried no malice and no grudges; just they plight that society has built by portraying that fair is beautiful, the girls of rich family could afford this anti-tan skin, which fill them with pride which has nothing to do with their beauty.

Feminine is on verge of destruction

Economy has made obscene beautiful; by obscene I don’t mean vulgar dressing sense; I mean a economized heart.

Economized feminine beauty and its cause

A girl associated with amazing education, working like corporate slaves, running behind a rich man that what is obscene in real sense.

Economic beauty, purchased breast, lip, complexion and make-up, all we’re fooling girl, teaching them wrong meaning of beauty; beauty is to nurture: sweet tone not soft tone, beautiful mind than cunning mind, big heart than racing for money; beauty is what can’t be bought.

Looking like barbies doesn’t make you look like woman, having something that you can’t purchase with money is woman; she is essence of life.

My beautifully tan best friend, is daring, funny and has an open heart; she doesn’t shy away from holding my hand when I am about to fall, and cheer-up spirits of people when they’re feeling down; her jovial nature, helps to create an environment which every friend or a lover want to enjoy, she is something really unusual, that’s reason people find her beautiful over the fairest of the women.

I see in her a woman of pre-Vedic India, a woman who is capable of leading the society; she is actually feminine, an actual feminine joy which needs to balance depression of masculinity.

Her wearing short dress but not flaunting body, her being surrounded with men but still being down to earth and her being economically sufficient still not taking pride in her wealth, that is all actually man need.

I know girl, you see men in internet pumped up with hormones, dying for girl with unrealistic body.

Yeah, I know boy want a naughty girl and it is great that you’re naughty, but following those women who opt unrealistic beauty is not naughty, it obscene.

I see people use obscenity and naughty, , interchangeably, but it actually different.

Naughty person is naughty for his loved one, his naughtiness is their way to show loyalty, but obscene person uses his obscenity to cheat a person, that’s it.

Unrealistic beauty standard set for tan women
Unrealistic beauty standard set for tan women

Why some men want girlfriend with unrealistic beauty?

They want them to show off their friend and let me tell such people will also not shy to showoff their’ bedroom life and byproduct’.

let me tell you they have nothing to do with women in actual sense; They want male slaves.

This, game for mastery and slavery goes on in chains until an man of virtue and wisdom breaks in.

Men want unrealistic  barbie beauty just to showoff.
Men want unrealistic barbie beauty just to showoff.

What’s the beauty of a tan women ?

The women with honey tan complexion sitting next to me has not bat an eyelid from her notes, that what I love about her; I don’t say I am in love with her, but actually, there’s nothing beautiful than a daughter trying to make her father proud.

My sister is doing the same and I would love, whosoever marry her--- marry her because of effort she has put in her life, everyone knows our home by her name, despite she has contribute zero investment in building the house.

My sister has power to buy happiness for our family, sponsor my wardrobe, and I know girl next to me will achieve the same; I want to daily meet her, fall in love butt confess only at right time when she achieves the goal in her life.

Her beautiful tan body, her black spectacles, her green kurta and her beautiful eyes deserve a beautiful world.

I am here in the library next to her and she is very beautiful women--- a women thrice beautiful that fair goddess Diana.


Let feminine be appreciated on basis of their style, not on their dress and appearances.

Hindi Shyaari on beauty

Hassena ki rooh katil hona chahiye

Uska jism or libaz nahi,

Ada todhi nakrli hona chahiye

Uske jawab nahi….

Tan women a real beauty
Tan women, a real beauty.

Click on link below to save pdf of my essay

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