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HER RAZZLE DAZZLE: Mumbai in the decade of 60s

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

1960s, the era when pin-up model ruled male fantasy.
Pin-up model in 60s era

It was the decade of the 1960s when life in Mumbai was Razzle Dazzle. Women were absorbed in love, and men were a fan of the pin-up models. Modernity was catching heights in the conserved society. The magazine, named, Playboy was available in every railway station, provided in an underpass to every youth in puberty.

Male fantasy was drastically changing. The whole station was lit up with excitement, and the trade went on.

There comes a boy named Raman Shah, an 18-years-old boy dressed up in decent white kurta-pajamas. His eyes will tell you he is lost or is new in the city. He moves closer to the shop, named RAHAT BOOKS & STATIONARY.

"He says, brother can you, tell me the exit," he asks.

Shopkeeper utters in a mysterious tone," It is a new city for you and a very solitary world. You must be feeling lonely," Pulling out a magazine from the drawer underneath his arm," he utters," It's a hot friend to every man."

He hesitates a bit, but mind tempts to explore, he takes it; his first pin-up magazine.

“12 rupees, please," the shopkeeper requests," Exit here… is straight, then right and then left."

Following his instruction, he finds his way. He finds a restaurant first to extinguish his hunger and then leave for the Sen studio.

[ Sen studio]

A studio in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. A famous portfolio and magazine cover studio that is the first to spread modernity in the city. The air has so form that even repudiated actresses come here to have a photoshoot.

Currently, a black ambassador has stopped in front of the car. Its car of famous actress Reena Wadia, wife of Mahesh Wadia, the owner of Wadia co-operation. Everyone is surprised. News photographers are ready to click photos, and every model is having a fangirl moment. Reena is having her moment too. She comes out of the car gracefully, waves at the people and then holds her saree and takes her step.

Meanwhile, arrives an imported beetle, spraying swamp on her saree. She moves to mutter," you stupid fellow, what you did," her anger and blood pressure rises. She slips, and the whole saree is drenched in the swamp.

A bold model with striking hazel coloured eyes, a perfect hourglass figure, and an extremely undaunted dressing sense come out of the car. She is lady Julie aka. Naina Dutta. She is wearing her signature blue polka dot blouse and blue skirt.

"What happened? Who is this lover who wants to die in front of my car?" utters lady Julie.

“I am alive”, Reena growls.

" Fine", lady Julie utters and moves towards the viewers and photographers, then for a second realise the voice is familiar. She turns and realises it is Reena Wadia. She utter," Such a fallen…such fallen women…looks like even good realised your value”.

Naina, you ugly brat. " If you think that rocking that short outfit, revealing your body and stealing husbands will make you glamourous. Mind you! You are wrong," she utters," you are that same dirty bitch who sleep on the same dirty places and incite dirtiness out of men".

Lady Julie lights a cigarette and utter,” I guess you are blind. I have a stylish car and handsome money in my bank account. Guess what? I don’t need my man’s consent to spend it”.

"How can you, hahaha!" utters Reena," You forget your man after one gulp".

"Why shouldn't I," she replies," They aren't as delicious as alcohol. They fail to satisfy my women after a gulp".

"You are a ruthless lady", Reena utters.

"Indeed, I am ruthless, babe. I am tamer," lady Julie flaunts.

"You are a stealer. You steal married men", Reena utters.

"I don't steal. Those men come to get the sexual satisfaction that their woman fails to provide," lady Julie taunts," Just like your hubby. He got attracted like a bee to a flower".

Reena stands, moves toward Julie with the intent to catch her by the throat. Julie waves at the crowd. Reena chokes Julia and presses her hand hard. 5 minutes of struggle was not enough.

Julie died. The moment was recorded, and everyone witnessed. The matter turned to the court. Reena Wadia got arrested.

[Bombay high court, Nagpur]

The famous court, standing from the Victorian era. The court, recently, began to abolish the jury system. Now the proceeding is taken by a single judge. Though yet not perfect, trials are heard.

Main People present:

· Wadia family {Mahesh Wadia, Rita Wadia (Mahesh’s mom), Nahar Wadia (Mahesh’s son), Priyanshi Wadia (Mahesh’s daughter), Aisha Sarin (Mahesh’s sister)}

· Lawyers {Mrs. Suhani Nayyar (state lawyer or prosecutor), Mr. Narendra Mehta (the defence lawyer and family friend of Wadia clan).

· Judge {Amit Sinha}

It's 2:00 pm, the sun is shining bright in April. The fan is spinning overhead. Discussion is loud, and people have reached their own conclusion before the beginning of the case.

People settle in their seats, but the courtroom stays noisy.

"Order…order", The court judge commands and beats his hammer on the table," silence in the room".

The rough and loud, the court judge voice had an author bring everything to silence.

"Your honor", utters Prosecutor Suhani Nayyar," The case is very clear cut the opposition has no chance to survive".

"Your honor", utter the defense lawyer, Narendra Mehta," before prosecutor says defense has something to show".

" You may", the court Judge permits.

“Let me bring to the court, Yasmeen sheikh", announces defense," She knows Naina Dutta, aka. Lady Julie, since the day she started her career."

Judge orders," Bring her to the box."

“Keep the hand on the holy book and vow whatever you say will be nothing else but the truth", says the assistant.

"I vow keeping my hand on the holy book whatever I will say will be the truth", she vows.

She narrates, "She was from Bengal, but her mother was from Punjab. Her mother died when she at the of 14. She was raised by a brutal father who indulged in drinking and smoking. He didn't provide her food and used to beat her. she was in trauma. When I met her, she was an innocent Bengal girl who was here to establish herself.

When we lived in the paying guest in Thane, she used to get panic attacks at night. She couldn't sleep. She started to attend parties when at a modelling interview, he met a model named Rajeshwari Nayak. They readily became a friend.

I didn't like anything about the Rajeshwari. She used to hang out with multiple men. One day she introduced her to the Rocky Chand. The three used to party. Alcohol, party and sex became common in her life. She was going to marry Rocky Chand, but he passed away due to a drug overdose. Rajeshwari mysteriously died.

Naina started hearing stuff and soon started claiming to have seen her friends' ghosts. She was thrown out of pg. because of her madness. Since that time, I lost touch, but we met a month ago. Her eyes were red, and her face was pale. I felt little sympathy for her. I told her she could come out of this trauma, but she told me she was being drugged."

"I object," shouts prosecutor Suhani Nayyar, " This is court. Here, nothing is said without evidence,"

Court Judge looks at the defense lawyer and utter," does defense has evidence".

"Yes, it has", utter Mr. Mehta," defense has proof. There are some photos that prove she knew her very well". The court judges see the photograph.

"But sir", Suhani Nayyar utters.

“objection overruled”, judge utters.

"I have to interrogate her," utters

Suhani Nayyar.

"So, Yasmeen sheikh," the Suhani Nayyar asks, "You knew that Lady Julie, aka. Naina Dutta, was drugged. Can you tell where and when she told you?."

"It was the new year eve of 1967. We met in a restaurant, crown coffee house", she utters," we accidentally met, and I clicked our photograph. It is already submitted to the judge".

Judge utters,” she is right."

"We know well, a day before the new year day of 1967, means 2 years ago. On that day, Wadias insulted Naina Dutta," Suhani Nayyar utters," if you want, you can get a newspaper for reference. What happened in Wadia mansion? or better, we call Mahesh Wadia."

The prosecutor signals and raises an eyebrow at the Mahesh Wadia."

"Mr. Wadia, how beautiful is this universe. I hope you have a Déjà vu." Suhani Nayyar mutters sarcastically," Anyways, we will settle that later, but before that, would you like to tell everyone about the most glamourous moment of your life."

"What you want to know about a woman who dresses like a harlot", He utters.

"Objection… objection", she utters softly," It was your party where she got her first pin-up contract. Tell us what happened between you two during that night."

“Nothing, she was begging me for the money, as usual”, he utters.

"so, why your wife slapped her?" the prosecution asks smartly," Just because she was begging for money. Now, lie. We already know everything."

"Julie was trying to seduce me, and my wife slapped her", he utters," She was blackmailing me."

"Blackmailing you for what?" the prosecution asks.

"for harming my image," he shouts.

"Ok! let me interrogate your wife", the prosecution utters and move toward the box at another end.

"Do lady Julie use to frequently come to your house to meet your man?", The Prosecution


"Yes", she utters,"


"Was she close to him?" the prosecution asks," Physically close".

"No… yes …no", Mrs. Wadia fumbles.

"Say one thing", Prosecution orders," Yes or no".

"She tried to seduce my husband every time," she utters.

"So, your husband doesn't stop her," the prosecution says.

"No, he's too innocent to figure out", she utters. '

"Give me a minute Mrs. Wadia, ha! Ha! Ha!" she utters," You think men are so ignorant. do you think your husband is a baby? wake up!".

"What she wants to prove", says defense.

"You will know soon, babe", she utters," Mrs Wadia, it was written in the headline. That lady Julie was not sane when you slapped her”.

"Her eyes were red, and she was fumbling. She had doped", she utters.

"How is this possible in the house with tight security?" the prosecution utter," How much I know, to get in your mansion, one has to go through a tight security check-up. How did Naina dope?"

"What's the point of bringing 2-year-old issue," the defense utters," It has no connection with the current murder".

"There is a connection, your honor," she utters," He met lady Julie, an hour before the murder”.

"She doesn't have a proof," says defense.

"I have it", she utters," let me present you Raman shah. He filmed a video of the meet, and there is an additional video of the dope party in Mr. Wadia's house. In the video, you can clearly see he mixed something in drink, and dope video is the dope video."

As the video is played in the court, the Wadias are exposed. Court announces the death penalty to Mr. Wadia. Mrs. Wadia is bailed.

[Wadia mansion, Andheri west]

The Wadia's have committed suicide, and the house is already auctioned and owned by Ragini Kapamilya. A new businesswoman in the city.

The doors open and enters Yasmeen sheikh and Raman shah. They utter," Maa, where you maa."

A voice comes," Here in the drawing-room."

"Hi, namaste kids”, utter Suhani Nayyar.

They both say," Hi, Auntie Suhani. How're you doing?"

Suhani utter seeing woman in the right," You have adopted beautiful kid, Ragini Kapamilya or I shall say lady Julie, owner of Wadia mansion."

" It would be easy if that fool signed the contract blindly in the restaurant," she laughs," Ha! Ha! Ha!".


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