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Fierce lady in red- lady Red

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Fierce lady in red- lady Red

the lady red- Eroticas fantasies to be tried
fierce lady- the lady red

We all have read classic tales of gorgeous old school lady in red, dressed magnificently for a ball during decade of eighties; later we read about modern female lovers in red sleek gown dating men in Hollywood or Bollywood romance.

But I am here, to change the game, I have designed character lady red— a lady in red with cruel attentions.

No, she is not a witch or a ghost, but a dominant who love to torture his lover in bed, mates with her slave and achieves wildest orgasms.

Before I take you in the world of lady red be ready to love the dark side of feminine soul.

“Women have affinity for evil, for no women is to be trusted, but some men are too innocent to protect themselves”William Faulkner.

Few men won’t believe and won’t take this unpopular opinion that women can be devilish, or they’ll love to wear horn on their head.

Innocent enough to take women as a goddess, they forget they’re their human counterpart, thus the wild and most evil desire also resides inside her.

They don’t believe in dark side of feminine, but fortunately it exists; it’s reality.

Women in most erotica are never given charge of the scene, she is never given a privilege to guide the world story, but let’s change it now.

Let’s welcome her dark desire.

Lady red- a dark side of feminine energy

 dark side of feminine energy represented by Lady red
dark emotionjs of every Lady red

Lady red, as a character is black hair, hazel eye and well-endowed women wearing a red gown and holding a black whip; her emotion makeup consists of insanity , eccentric pride and lust for power.

In my BOOK EROTICAS FANTASIES TO BE TRIED, LADY RED is having tempting figure which attracts his servant—her servant being handsome is invited to her bed; In her bed she plays many games an fulfil her wildest fantasy, servant serves him day and night in her bed as her m slave and worships him.

He worships her mistress by writing a poetry about her, one of which is the lady Red.

Lady red- as have few divine loopholes

humanly sign of every lady red
lady red after all a human

Ok now I don’t want to give you any spoiler but I want you to figure out yourself in poem THE LADY RED RETURNS.

Though speaking of every lady red in society, she always has a soft corner after all she is women not demon; as in the beginning I told you women are human men counterparts they wish both good and evil.

Thus, amidst her inhumane nature lies a human tendency.

I am quoting a quote of my own

“Women are human, worship them as blessing in your life but turn them into goddess that are bound to be saintly emotion; let her be as wild as you, she also deserves to do the most insane disaster”.

Thank you for reading.

Keep exploring.


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Fierce lady in red lady red
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