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Sahil Katoch

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I am Sahil Katoch. I belong to Queen of hills, Himachal Pradesh. It was back in 2015, in my intermediate grade I wrote a story in adjustment class. I was quietest and most productive student. I inhabit these traits till present date. 

I am quiet, hardworking, punctual  and diligent person. My diligence is powered by my passion to create wonderful writing pieces.

I am very flexible in my writing style. I can write creatives, web content, affiliate blogs, , informative blog and Sales copy.

I am author of book, 'Destiny in the hill road"


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Bachelors of business administration 

2O21- 2023

Bachelor of arts in English literature 

Bachelors of business administration from Chandigarh university, Gharuan.

Holding a bachelor degree in business with immense knowledge of marketing, logistic and finance.

 I scored 6.89 CGPA.

 currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Lovely Professional University, Phagwara.

learning about English literature, Research and IT Skills

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"Writer of multiple books"

I have successfully written a book. 'The destiny in the road hill' which is debut Novel on amazon. 

I have written many other on online book platform like Wattpad and Kahaniya app. 

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  1.  Grammar editing  

  2.  eBook cover creation through Canva.

  3. Novel writing.

  4. high speed typing 

  5. poetry

  6. writing eBook  formatting

the above skill qualify me to be Ghostwriter and eBook niche content writer 

Skill Acquired

A Blogger: "who learned from his mistake"

A Copywriting: "who sells a particular emotion"

A Content writer: "who sells information in form of story"

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It is not my first blog or website. its my fourth website. I have create and deleted three website. 

Well it taught me lesson called Content niche and SEO.

It was phase of life. In 2020, I had contract with one firm for freelance copywriting

fun fact: I never realized I was writing copies. I thought it was content writing.

.It was a Healthcare/cosmetic firm. 

I occasionally wrote copies for the website. 

The first ever brand I worked with.

I learned how, realized cosmetic is something I don't want to write about, 'It makes people insecure' no matter it's an ayurvedic product.

I also learned to be flexible in my style of writing. Sales copy need a more concise language than blogging.

As a content writer I have not worked but I have learned a lot. Making blogs and website I have a learned to write Web content. 

I can write Affiliate and informative content

in form of story.

Skills Acquired

  1. Onpage-seo 

  2. Offpage-seo 

  3. Keyword search

  4. backlinking 

  5. Meta-tag 

  6. HTML

  7. Research 

  8. Niche writing 

  9. Affiliate blog writing 

  1. Precise writing technique 

  2. Product literature writing 

  3. Product description writing 

  4. Product copy writing 

  5. Product promotional blog writing 

  6. Marketing psychology

  7. Emotional marketing 

  8. tagline writing 

  1. Affiliate content writing

  2. web page writing 

  3. landing page writing 

  4. Research 

  5. audience retention by storytelling 


  1. Ghostwriting 

  2. creative writing 

  3. copywriting 

  4. blogging 

  5. affiliate content writing 

  6. informative content writing 

  7. web content writing 

  8. article writing

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  1. Mental Health

  2. eBook/paperback book

  3. Coaching/ learning 

  4. How to articles on, ' right strategy to release books.

  5. DIY articles

  6. Business

  7. Management 

  8. Productivity and minimalist 

  9. Fashion clothing 

  10. home decor 

  11. lifestyle 

  12. literature

  13. travel 

  14. culture 

  15. Tech ( would like to learn first)

On Fire


  1. cosmetic and racist product 

  2. academic writing, especially writing research paper for university student.​

  3. politics 

  4. religion 

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why should you choose me?

  1. I am honest and trustworthy.

  2. I have appropriate knowledge. 

  3. I am very creative person.

  4. I am punctual.

  5. I am man of my words.

  6. I charge reasonable rates.


For blog, copywriting and content writing 


For ghostwriting 


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+91 8219467234

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