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the destiny in hill road

Iit is a story battle between good and evil. a Mahabharat in the hills of Himachal. The countless generations of warrior fighting to the defeat evil. when the new generation step in will it end everything on happy note or Destiny has its different plan. 

Car Lights

the blunders sin i commited

it is poetry collection coming from tough days of lives. the  days of loneliness, days I was anyhow surviving. Not a new story of innocent, relatable if decoded. 

Wooden Hut

Poetic Manifestation 

Manifestation is a law. a law that helps you attract abundance, wealth and happiness. 

just attracting things with thought is big power and it can only be harness if you remain positive. So, here i present you poetry that has very positive affirmation to give your manifestation journey a good kick start. 


Eroticas, fantasies to be tried 

Eroticas, are sexual urges that I had. One I wished to explore as a 16 year old. these fantasies are waiting to be your sexual energy. They want to be released wild and free on the paper.

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