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Sahil Katoch


Hi, there 

I am aloof man with loads of thoughts about life and relationship. I think it's what makes me a writer,

My dreamy eyes look for shore to rest on and see world settling down in its unique Rythm 


About my books 


I have three complete three books under  my belt. 

Blunders the sin i committed, is my first book that i have Published though it was not the first book that i started writing. The first book i wrote was about my sexual fantasies. It's name is Eroticas fantasies to be tried.

The third book i published is a  fictional crime thriller Novel, based on Himachal Pradesh. Name of the book is The destiny in hill road 



 For-profit  service and product business. 

 Products and services provided are related to writing. The book are product and are sole work of author published on his own book store on Bookstore page.

Services provided are same as a freelance content writer.

You can  contact me for services and product enquiry, although services plan and page are yet under construction 

you can contact me by clicking on the button below.